In the SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

In the SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

If you wish to gain levels to 50 as soon as possible, if you want to rule at PVP, or you like the idea of sitting on a cache of credits for all those most effective gear i quickly urge you get the SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide.Zhaf Guides It helps allow you to get there as quickly as possible.

After Jedi Knights, the Fugitive hunter is among the most played classes hanging around. They have an amazing arsenal of weapons and armour to call upon, which the well earned nickname of "Jedi Killers" supply the dark side players something to actually drool over. However, there is lots to understand this class, and never everyone plays it the right way. So you'll want to get yourself a guide to get the edge over your rivals as well as the the easy way do it is simply by cutting down on the errors it's likely you'll make by using somebody who has completed it prior to deciding to.

The Bounty Hunter's abilities are (Found in the SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide)
they have Rapid Shots ability which in turn causes ranged moderate damage
they've the Rail Shot ability which deals a large amount of heavy damage
you can also discover the Death From Above ability, allowing the Fugitive hunter to fly above his enemies and rain missiles recorded on them, inside the Zhaf Guides

Here's an insider's consider the things TDub will coach you on inside of the SWTOR Fugitive hunter Guide. This really is coming directly from the table of contents inside the guide:
Missions 1 through 10
for that Mercenary class you'll learn Mercenary leveling 11 - 50
for the Powertech class you'll learn Powertech leveling 11 - 50

Both upgrade courses of instruction for the Fugitive hunter would be the Mercenary and the Powertech. These subclasses are around for choose once you hit level 10.

The Mercenary is a master of ranged weaponry. They're good with dual blasters and also have great DPS using their Arsenal talents. They also make excellent healers too using their bodyguard line of talent. The Tracer Missile skill can be a ranged attack that deals 1117 - 1213 damage. Additionally, it applies a heat signature for your opponent making them susceptible to your deadly Rail Shot!

The Powertech relies on its armor rendering it one of the better tanks in the game. Literally. These trees Shield Tech, Advanced Prototype and Pyrotech make the near perfect storm that will permit you to take agro and it.